Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

May your Easter celebration be one of happy memories and great joy!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

First Friday Art Walk in April . . .

     They had a contest of high school students art projects and we got to vote for them.  I had 4 other art places to visit so didn't stay for the results.  This one was made like a staircase with the evolution of a tree. . .  I like how it progresses from an acorn to a small plant to a small tree and then a full grown tree stump.                Step by step!

     I listened to the musical selections these two men provided on the Sax and Keyboard.  I got to hear 4 selections while finishing my art walk in the studio and having refreshments.  They were great!  It was well worth the time I spent there Friday night.

This owl caught my eye as I entered the art studio. . . 

The portrayal of ADDICTION is so vivid -- it grabs you!

This one was called "Singing in the rain . . . "

     An artist named Ron Jones got me interested in doing the First Friday Art Walk.  This is one of his      pieces.  It took him over 400 hours to draw it he told me Friday night  . . .  the drawing is so detailed  -- click on it to see it better.  (Sorry about the light reflections my camera caught photographing it.).  He came to our apartment building almost 4 years ago and showed us some of his his work and how he did it  after  friend (who has  since passed on) and I visited his art gallery on our first, First Friday Art Walk.  

     This bear art has been at many First Friday art walks. . . but this is the first time I got a chance to take a photo of it without people standing in front of it.  I think it is so realistic!

     I will end with this one of our flag. . . never get tired of seeing that flag and being reminded of what it stands for. . .

     I forgot to re-charge my camera battery or take an extra one so my camera died on me before I got to the last three galleries but the above should show you a sampling of the art we try to appreciate here in Vancouver.  Thanks for joining me on part of my Art Walk!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Very appropriate. . . for us in Vancouver. . .

     Our town appreciates art forms of a variety of kinds. . . and tonight, I saw these umbrellas placed on a corner downtown as art.  Very appropriate, even tho it almost looks like the sky is a shade of blue with some white fluffy clouds at the time.  Actually, the umbrella wasn't needed for the first time today in a very long time. . . but the RAIN is returning for Easter.  Some egg hunts cancelled because of the sogginess of grassy areas from recent rains/downpours.

     Earlier Friday, the sky looked ominous andI thought I saw a tornado appearing but the news never mentioned it so maybe it was just a bad rainstorm in the north of our county. . .
                 This is what it looked like out my 8th floor apartment window this morning. . .

     I guess we were lucky and missed a bad storm or a tornado here.

    That was wonderful since the first Friday Art Walk was tonight and it was very pleasant temperatures with NO RAIN.  Tomorrow, I will show you some artwork I enjoyed before my camera battery wore out . . .  SIGH