Friday, April 6, 2012

Very appropriate. . . for us in Vancouver. . .

     Our town appreciates art forms of a variety of kinds. . . and tonight, I saw these umbrellas placed on a corner downtown as art.  Very appropriate, even tho it almost looks like the sky is a shade of blue with some white fluffy clouds at the time.  Actually, the umbrella wasn't needed for the first time today in a very long time. . . but the RAIN is returning for Easter.  Some egg hunts cancelled because of the sogginess of grassy areas from recent rains/downpours.

     Earlier Friday, the sky looked ominous andI thought I saw a tornado appearing but the news never mentioned it so maybe it was just a bad rainstorm in the north of our county. . .
                 This is what it looked like out my 8th floor apartment window this morning. . .

     I guess we were lucky and missed a bad storm or a tornado here.

    That was wonderful since the first Friday Art Walk was tonight and it was very pleasant temperatures with NO RAIN.  Tomorrow, I will show you some artwork I enjoyed before my camera battery wore out . . .  SIGH


  1. Oh what GORGEOUS photos of the skies Paulie!! =) What a wonderful view you have from your flat!! =) I just love it!

    And the umbrellas? Colorful and COOL!! =)

  2. could very well have turned into a tornado.

    I love the sculpture.
    Mama Bear

  3. I love these photos, Paulie - that sky reminds me of a wind storm coming.