Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Snow Art

Ok, so I saved a few snow photos for one more posting. . . Can you blame me?

Can you see the face sculpture that seems to be talking to the ballerina snow fairy sitting on a twig?

Look at this happy snow fella. . . I think it is smiling for me because it knows how much I love snow!

Can you see the Scotty dog jumping for joy -- It couldn't quite make it as high as the plant beside it but it doesn't care. . . it is snowing and that makes Paulie happy!
YES, I give this Spring snowfall an A  for achieving the record of snow in Spring in Vancouver!  Give yourself an "A" IF you saw these things as I did. . . or if you saw something I missed -- I would love to hear about it.  Isn't it wonderful how the wind can break little boughs of trees off and they get covered with snow and become something else wonderful, not just a useless broken branch!


  1. I love this post! Very imaginative and creative :) A little bit of last winter magic, before Spring is truly sprung :)

  2. It seems that ghosts, elfs and fairies like to play with snow and have found some place where to play and disguise.. :o)

  3. Typical of snow in the spring: It melts into figures that sparks the imagination. Well spotted!

  4. :))

    I saw the face in the first photo before I read what you had written! =)Ican maybe see the feet of a ballerina, but I can also see a maybe a santa claus (?) on his sledge, to the left of the face I too can see.. :)and maybe that big face is sitting on the sledge wagon.. ;)

    Photo #2- oh yes, wxactly a very happy fella!! :D

    #3 I too can see the dog, but I also see maybe.. eh.. the head of a reindeer.. (?) where the big "hole" is the eye..

    The last one #4-- fun, because I can see a person who just have fell on the skis!!where the knee is the highest point in the photo.. the head to the left.. and the ski under him! :)))

    Great you're having snow! and I'm sure the happy snowman #2 is happy for you! :)

    So that means.. I give an A for me too! :D

    Thanks for your comments too! :)

  5. In the first picture I see and alligators jaws sticking out!

  6. The snow makes such pretty-shaped designs.

  7. Like looking at clouds - what a great idea! So wonderful to 'meet' you here :)

  8. I think that last photo is a kitty arching its back in happiness for you, Paulie!