Friday, January 20, 2012

Here tonight, gone tomorrow. . . SIGH

8 hours later, this is all there was left of almost 4 inches that fell on Vancouver.  We even got more snow than Portland, Oregon but it is all gone because after 5 hours hours of snowing, the rains came.  I never had a chance for daylight photos with lots of snow.  Rain forecast:  next ten days:  RAIN everyday --which is making the rivers flood and not a good situation.  Guess who has the blues?  And I don't mean skies. . . because there aren't any of those either!

Clark College and Marshall Center (across the street) properties taken waiting for the bus just before noon after it snowed the night before.  All melted with the rains that followed.


  1. I bet the roads were slippery for a while, though. The trouble with snow where you are is that people forget how to drive in it and do stupid things like drive too fast for the conditions. We've had so little snow her this winter that people are behaving just as badly!

  2. That's life - her today, gone tomorrow.
    BTW, this is the situation her to, right now.

  3. Well, I'm sad for you that it didn't last longer. It does look like it was quite a lot. We've had some flurries and an instant blizzard that lasted 15 minutes a week ago Thursday but other than that, its been rain. We had one day of sunshine yesterday and it was cold. Today it is quite warm. Winter is just erratic here.
    Good to see you posting again. I hope you had a good Birthday.
    By the way, I've been blue, too. Haven't posted in a week.
    Blessings, Mama Bear

  4. Oh no I'm so sorry for you.. my snow friend! :) Yes, me too want more snow, but I should be happy because we have some, after seeing you don't have any.. I hope after the rainy days, the snow will come back! :)

  5. These are great shots of snow! Evanescence at its most beautiful!

  6. I'm glad you at least got a little snow and I hope that there is no serious flooding from the rain that is following it.

  7. It has been very mild here in Toronto as well. I miss having snow :(

  8. Hi Paulie, So nice to see you in my comment box again!
    I like your shots of Mt. Hood below, the condo roofs look like little mountains around Mama...rather like chicks around the hen!
    We do have some snow, finally. That last storm hit us as well as you, but ours didn't get rained away! The last snow pics I posted were of a very light fall-it was more like frost. But I got some yesterday that will probably find their way onto my blog.


  9. You are lucky, not one snowflake here...