Sunday, January 29, 2012

Snow Wish

It finally came
     In a billion tiny flakes.

The air was cold
     But the snow warmed my heart.

All too soon it was gone--
     Chased away by pouring rain.

My joy turned to sadness
     But my memories are eternal. . . 

Nothing but death 
     can dissolve my memories.

I went to a writers' workshop held at the museum this afternoon. . . At one table, they challenged you to write a poem then and there.  The above is what I came up with, reminiscing about the recent snowfall we had, the first of our winter in town.


  1. You must be a born poet. Though we have a slightly different view on snow (I have to REMOVE it ...), I fully respect that you love it and misses it deeply.

    PS And it makes a nice photographic subject :-)

  2. RuneE makes me smile!
    I like the idea of "snow WARMING your heart"!
    Sad that snow did not stay long..

  3. So timely for me to read your poem. Today we are supposed to get snow, but tomorrow they are calling for high 7 cel. and rain!!! Has been a weird winter.

  4. Hi,
    Just catching up on your last two posts. Great project you're doing. And the poem is beautiful. Sometimes, inspiration comes at the least predictable moment and we just have to get it on paper or lose it. You're more creative than you think you are.
    Blessings, Mama Bear

  5. I like both the poem and the photo, Paulie. I'm also glad you have had some snow, even though it didn't last long...


  6. Hi Paulie! :)
    I'm so sorry- I lost this beautiful post! You sure know how to write a poem! Very beautiful! :)

    But I can see there is a green green ground.. Where did the snow go away?! I hope you will have more to come!

    Happy Valentine's Day to you! :)

  7. WE saw a bit of the white stuff in Yosemite recently. Spring is on the way, though and soon snow will be a memory and a promise for the future.