Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mount Hood in Oregon from Washington

Here, my camera and I spotted Mt. Hood from a small beach near the I-5 bridge in Vancouver.  This is the beginning of my trek along the Columbia recently.  The beach was flooded last Spring and completely invisible and not accessible to take a photo like this IF I had wanted to then. . . 

This is a closeup of the above photo.  The condos are in WA and Mt. Hood in Oregon but it looks like the mighty mountain is right behind the condos and that I am standing in the Columbia River to take this photo,  Instead, I am on the little beach above and zoomed in.  The Columbia curves in many places.

This photo of Mt. Hood and the I-205 bridge was taken from Wintler Park where my hike ended.  Both, Washington and Oregon share ownership of the Columbia River.  When you cross the bridges, there is a sign about in the middle that says either Welcome to Washington OR Welcome to Oregon -- depends on which direction you are traveling as to what you read.

TONIGHT, we are supposed to get our first snowfall.  I hope the weatherman is right this time!  I am tired of just looking at Mt. Hood to get my snow experience this winter!  IF we do, you can be sure that I will be out there with my camera taking pictures of it.  


  1. Congratulations with the new blog! I'll update my blog-roll. You seem to be off to a good start. It is not often I get to see a volcano up close :-) Beautiful with its snow-covered peak.

    PS Thank you for the nice comments - things are getting better

  2. Very beautiful pictures Paulie! =) And wow that beautiful mountain behind the bridge and the houses! =)

    I'm looking forward to following you! :)

    Have a nice day and thanks for your comment! :)

  3. Mt. Hood is a lovely shape and looks super covered in snow.

  4. You got some great images of Mt. Hood and a beautiful day for a hike.

  5. The mountains out West are so grand. I am in awe.