Thursday, January 26, 2012

Neck scarves for VETS

I made 12 neck scarves for a friends project for the Vets  going to the cancer Ward for appointments.
My friend, Kathy's husband is one of those who goes to the VA in Portland for Cancer treatments.  She  started crocheting some neck scarves to give to those who she saw when she took her husband in for his treatment.  I asked if I could make some to help her, using my hairpin lace crochet method.  These are what I came up with.  The two short ones are for those who might not think it cool to wear a longer neck scarf but they will keep their neck warm anyway.  I made them with what red, white and blue yarn I had and buying only two more skeins.  

Now I have another project I started the day after Christmas.  I am making 300 neck scarves to give away on Thanksgiving to people in need that attend a free meal put on by a local restaurant -- they also give out hats and gloves but no neck scarves.  So far, I have made 33 neck scarves towards my total of 300 -- that's just 267 more to go in just over nine months.  I hope I can do it!  Most is from scrap yarn I had or that people gave me or that I bought with the 100 dollars that friends gave me for Christmas.  

It is easy to make them and I have been doing hairpin lace crochet since I was 14 ( baby blankets and shawls and afghans and neck scarves and a few hats) and probably will continue until I breathe my last breath.  In fact, I am teaching a young woman from my church how to make one for herself presently.  Years ago, when oldest son was in first grade in upstate New York, I taught 10-- 4th graders how to do this needlework skill.  Together we made a baby blanket and they ended up giving it to a teacher who was expecting.  We got our  picture with the blanket in the newspaper!  Later on I will show you the progress I have made with my latest project of 300 by Thanksgiving.


  1. That's really a fabulous project!Those scarves will be very useful, and cherished, as they come from a kind heart!

    PS:All family was sick, and I was the nurse. Better now!AND: I can comment again! a great day..!

  2. Soooo kind of you Paulie!! =) And the scarfs are just fantastic lovely! I think you will warm many hearts by giving away these! :)

  3. The scarves look great Paulie.A wonderful and generous idea. I am enjoying your new blog.

  4. Those look warm and beautiful, Paulie. They also show a warm and caring heart.

  5. Very attractive! I bet the scarves are well appreciated!

  6. That is very kind of you Paulie - no one will freeze with you around :-)

    PS You may mind a bench ;-)

  7. I have some odd skeins of yarn. I will gather it up and send it to you.