Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Well, I have been absent for awhile online. . . have a project I started after Christmas making neck scarves like this for next Fall. . . this one , I made for a friend that shared lots of tomatoes with me last summer.  He saw me crocheting and asked if I would make him one in these colors WHEN I HAD TIME!  lol  One has to make time. . . but I took a break from my other project and made this one for him a week after the request.

It isn't quite SPRING yet but the blossoms have been appearing on the trees in front of our building. . . 
The HOUGH Elementary School is just 5 blocks from where I live and each year near St. Patrick's Day, they sponsor a parade that goes right past our apartment building.  It is in honor of Paddy Hough, a great teacher and one of our founding fathers in Vancouver.  YUP!  That's Paddy Hough himself!

Ok, I am getting ahead of myself. . . every parade has to have a banner. . . and here it is!  There is a traffic circle on our corner so the parade has to veer to the left until they get around it but we don't mind.  There were many participants, including each grade level from Hough Elementary but I won't post all. . . just enough to give you the flavor of the parade.

Different kinds of bands participated. . . including some bagpipers. . . which is definitely appropriate for this special occasion.
This is a band from the Junior High school in the area.  They always participate and are a great addition!

Nice when they stop and play in front of our building and all too soon are on their way so others can have a taste of their great music. . . 

Among the many vehicles represented, this fire engine is #1 . . . in more ways than one.

Hope you enjoyed a few features of our little annual parade for St. Patrick's Day.  LUCK of the Irish to you all!


  1. I like very much the color of the scarf for your friend! I also love the pretty flowers, I like when they're pink like this.
    The parade is great,but there's not much people to look at it along the street?..It's interesting how are the houses around the place you live. What a great fire engine!! The man can be proud! :o)
    Happy St Pat's, Paulie!and beware of too much guiness! :o))

  2. It is a weekday. Most people are at work. Our street is the first the children turn down from their neighborhood school. After our street, they turn down Main Street where there are restaurants and places to bide time waiting for the parade. More people there. Most of the photos were shot facing the intersection of streets where people do not stand. Many of the people watching the parade were on the same side of the street as me. Many of the residents at our building stayed inside and watched the parade from their windows. It is still winter here and we have had much rain. Lucky us during the parade we got only a few sprinkles. I like to be on the sidewalk so I can clap and take photos. . . the houses on this block and in my background are very old and many built when Vancouver first settled.

  3. Finally, Paulie - I was getting worried about you! I had no idea you were such a good knitter. Don't you love small town happenings and how much the children enjoy participating? It was an exciting day for them. Happy Paddy's Day, Paulie!

  4. Hello Paulie, you're back, so good! =) And many beautiful photos with interesting story! :)

    It's a beautiful scarf you've made, I guess the boy got happy! :))

    And beautiful blossoms! =)

    Lovely Sunday to you! :)

  5. Long time no see!
    But I CAN see that you keep up you photographic ventures in your usual style - I fell for that fire engine. Very stylish.

  6. Thanks for sharing your parade with us...I notice those craftsman style homes in the photos. I've always liked those.
    The scarves are very pretty. I went back and looked at the previous posts I'd missed.
    Mama Bear

  7. How fun to have the band pause and play for you during the parade. And the fun for the fire engine and all the kids being involved. They will remember that for a long time.