Friday, March 23, 2012

Snow Walk . . .

Our Spring snow fall was quickly disappearing in town so I decided to walk one of the trails that is  in a part of the forrest and enjoyed the snow for a little bit longer. . .

I walked part of the trail (just over three miles) after a city bus ride to this starting point.

Although it wasn't lots of snow, it was enough to enjoy IF you like snow as I do!

The ground foliage makes an interesting snow cover. . .

The moss has a covering of snow icing!

Even the bare branches look wonderful with their winter clothes!

Bushes having a WINTER IN SPRING  fashion show -- after all, it doesn't snow every Spring here!

A  view from a part of the trail that has been cleared.

Looking off to another side of the trail. . .

Another direction. . . this trail is built between the power lines.  There are homes on the hills on both sides of the trail and thus all the power lines.  The entire trail was built in this corridor for convenience to get there and use the space wisely.

In the distance, a lone horse looking for something to eat under the snow cover. . .

This bench is a welcome respite in warmer weather. . . Several benches are placed all along the city wide trail.  It looks kinda lonely in this snowfall.

Bridge across Burnt Bridge Creek looks like many hikers passed over the light snowfall.  Come back tomorrow for the rest of my journey in the  SPRING snow of 2012. . .


  1. I have just come here from Viola. What lovely snow photos, we have had no snow here this year, just a few frosts it has been really mild this year.

  2. Probably the last pictures of snow we will see on the blogosphere. It's true that it's very nice! i like the mix of green and white on the moss!and the bench seems to be waiting for better days..

  3. I can almost see the smile on your face, Paulie. That moss with snow frosting is so vivid and beautiful. I also love the green grass poking through at the bridge. I don't think that horse is a bit chilly - he probably likes his "greens" cold!

  4. Gorgeous photos!! =) And thanks for taking me along in the woods.. :) Yes, I love the snow too!
    but most of all I love your MOSS photo #4!! WOW!! Stunning!! =)

    A lovely horse and a lonely bench! ;)

    Lovely weekend to you! :)