Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Snow Memory

This is the  last part of my snow journey Thursday.  The snow is all gone now but memories will last forever of our Spring Snow in 2012!

The snow frosting on the branches seem to be in an Artist contest!

Branches bear the snowy load in artistic form!

The Parks and Rec have cleared the snow on this part of the trail.

Another view on my journey in the snow.
The owners of this horse are caring.  They brought it a blanket to keep warm and some hay to eat.
Looking in yet another direction on my walk.
 Found these logs an interesting subject with their snow frosting.
Almost looks like little ice cream cones!
 This plant is saying, "Let me out!  What happened to SPRING?"
 The Discovery Trail along Burnt Bridge Creek goes much further but Main Street is close to my home and I have a meeting to attend in 45 minutes so don't dare go further. . . time to catch the bus back.
This may be the end of the first part of the trail and my journey in the Spring snow. . . but I have the memories!  Hope you enjoyed them also!


  1. I find it somewhat symbolical that in your last photo you had a large , re STOP-sign :-) Otherwise, the curving road was my favourite.

  2. The stop sign is there because the trail leads right to a major road if you went straight ahead. I had to walk left to the stoplight, cross the street to the west, cross the street south and walk half a block to catch the bus home.

  3. Your snow has made ME happy just because I know you love it so. Here in my world, the sun is shining and the snow is melting - but still lots of it to enjoy! My Grands are here for spring break - a busy week for me.

  4. Thank you for the comment! The photo was shot from my terrace.

  5. Yes I enjoyed your beautiful photos! :) So now it's only the memories of the snow left.. time for sprouting maybe.. I'm glad the horse got a blanket to keep warm.. and some hay.. :)

    Lovely week to you! :)

  6. I miss that snow. Maybe I need to be here to feel that. This post takes me home. Thanks.

  7. Lovely snow photos, Paulie. No snow here but we could still get some.

  8. I'm glad to see that people cared about the horse and gave him a blanket!Incredible to be looking at this snow as my own window is opened on a sunny day!