Thursday, March 22, 2012

Might say Spring on the calendar but it's snowing!

I just spent the last hour and a half walking around outside taking photos. . . not a lot yet but it is still coming down.  I have never known Spring to have snow where I lived.  I LOVE IT as we had such  disappointing winter this year.  Enjoy!

These are the same kind of tree blossoms I showed you in the last post minus the snow. . .

Not a lot but more than we had this winter and the plants seem to be bowing their "heads."

Isn't this a pretty sight?  Little puffs of new fallen snow!

Almost looks like crushed ice. . .

Clinging to the branches like as if they found a new home. . .

Each snowflake found its perfect place!  I have more but will  post them another day.  Hope to make the rounds to visit friends soon also. . . but then again, if the snow remains, you will know where I will be first. . .Ü


  1. Snow on spring flowers surely makes pretty pictures! But I'm not sure that flowers enjoy it as much as you do! :o)

  2. I'm smiling - when I read your last sentence in your post :)) and I have a smile in my face when imagining how bubbly you now are..! ;)
    It was quite a lot of snow I can see! WoW! :O
    And here we have warm weather.. at least pluss 10 - ie 50 F.
    But.. I'm glad you are enjoying the snow, as long as you have it.. :)
    Beautiful photos! :)

  3. I'm happy for you...
    We had milder temperatures today, in the 70s with rain.

    Have you not heard of Copper Pennies? At least one other person said that. I'll have to share the recipe.
    Mama Bear

  4. Paulie, You are the only one in your town happy about the snow! Love your icy pics. Is it all melted? Keep knitting!

  5. These are lovely pics! Here in Toronto it is like summer today was 26 c or 80 F ..... Its like we had a very long Fall and now its summer. We had no snow this year, and to be honest I missed it. :(

  6. You love snow so much that I'm glad you got some!


  7. Winter just doesn't want to leave the west while folks in the rest of the country feel like it is summer. Glad your getting your snow.

  8. Snow in March (and April for that matter) occurs all too often around here. I'm not too fond of it, but you have captured the beauty that that such fresh snow on leaves and branches can have. The colour contrast between the green and the white is delightful.

  9. Glad you had some snow to enjoy. I'll be driving through some tomorrow to get home. (from my Kindle in Weed California)