Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Yes, it's me!

Hi.  Don't faint. . . I am finally back!  This is just a test to make sure I can post since I changed Internet Providers a year ago and then went back to my old one.  If this works, I am in business, thanks to a lot of help from Kathy.

 I missed blogging but made a choice to put  my scarf project first so just read a few blogs and didn't post.  My first order of business is to thank Kathy and her quilting friends who sent me some yarnto add to what I had and bought in order  to accomplish my goal for my SCARF project for this past Thanksgiving and Christmas give a ways.  I made 212 scarfs in 11 months but gave two away to special friends, gave 10 away for a different friends project to help families of men in prison and the rest went to the restaurant that provided a free meal on both holidays to anyone who showed up. 

I will try to locate some photos of the scarfs and post them next.

I sure have missed blogging and hope to get back into it on a regular basis again.  I hope all my internet friends will return.  I hope to visit blogs soon.


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  1. Paulie! I've been wondering about you. So glad you're returning t Blogland. Can't even imagine making 212 scarves! Good for you. How are you feeling? Happy 2013! PS Do you realize you have word identification on - this is my second try at it.