Thursday, January 17, 2013

Latest one made for friend. . .

My friend couldn't decide which color she wanted for a scarf but said black or white so I made her a zebra one -- the middle strip was done with both colors crocheted together.and is probably warmer.  She loved it!  I bought the yarn after church one Sunday afternoon  I finished it that same night!  It is the first one I made sicne my project and I found that I don't hate doing it.  I may do the project again but  not make quite so many this time as I want to do other things too.

I have to find my photo card for the rest of the scarves I made for "the project."  I am trying to find them. . . will soon, I hope.  I am still trying to get my blog straightened out also. . . THEN I will visit other blogs I enjoy again on a regular basis.


  1. I'm impressed by all the colors combinations you could make!and the hooks patterns are very beautyful!

  2. Hi Paulie,
    You've been on my mind lately, wondering what was going on with you. I'm happy to see you back to blogging.
    I like the black and white scarf.
    Mama Bear

  3. This one is especially pretty.

  4. I'm surprised you could face the crochet hooks again after the 212! Even in he photo if looks very soft.