Wednesday, January 16, 2013

More scarves bring smiles to my heart . . . and warmth elsewhere.

 I like to spread the scarfs out so they can be seen better and haven't decided just which is best -- over a dark "plastic" couch in the mail room or over a large table in the former dining room . . . so you get some of both.
 As far as I can remember, these all are different tho -- just placed differently or taken from different view.

 Doesn't really matter the color IF it keeps one warm . . . but it is nice to have a choice.  THANKS again to those people who helped my project by donating new skeins of yarn for me to work with for this.
 All sizes for kids and adults -- some just like to wrap around neck and put end into coat so they are short/for kids sizes; others like to wear them long for decoration and warmth. . .
Varied sizes for sure!

Many different colors also. . . but all to help keep people warm!  You can enlarge by clicking on photo.

THANKS again to those who helped me accomplish this project by donating skeins of yarn.  I will show more when I find them on my other photo card.


  1. So happy to see you back to blogging!!! Welcome!
    I'm impresseed by your work with all those scraves!!!You're patient and courageous, i LOVE to see all of them in a rank.
    I'm sure people will enjoy to receive them.

  2. What a heartfelt project. I wonder if you'll recognize "your" scarves when you are out and about? Good for you, Paulie. You have a big heart.