Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Some of my hair pin lace scarves

 When I began this give-a -way project, I had no idea how much work it would be.
I just knew that I wanted to do something for our community and I enjoy making things from hair pin lace crochet.

This gave me plenty of experience. . . some frustrating and some joyful but in the end, all wonderful!

I knew my project would keep a few people just a little warmer this winter and we have had some cold weather recently in the 20's and a few teasings of light snow too!

So, this is a sampling of some of the scarves I made for people that came for the free dinner at Chronis Restaurant for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I will  show you more of them on my blog later/

WITHOUT the yarn donations of several of Kathy's  quilting friends from Washington and Idaho, I would have had to pay for all the yarn myself.  These wonderful ladies sent me several boxes of beautiful yearn to make the scarves.  THANK YOU!

(More another day. . . )

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